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Competitive Allstar Cheerleading!

All Star cheerleading is a competitive sport that involves females and/or males performing a 2 minute & 30 second routine composed of stunting, pyramids, group tumbling, jumping and a dance break. This routine is performed and scored against other competitive teams at various local, regional, national, and worldwide competitions.

The athletes are not only trained to get their bodies to peak physical fitness but also learn the important “life lesson’s” of respect, dedication, self-confidence, commitment, sportsmanship and most importantly, teamwork.

All Star cheerleading teams differ from other teams by training year-round for competitions. They also differ from most other sports in that every team member is vital to the team and the performance. Everybody has an integral part! Each member of the squad is trained in all aspects of the sport in order to develop their skills to reach their maximum potential.

Our competition program has been very successful over the past 5 years. Competition cheerleading requires commitment and dedication from the athlete and their parent/guardian. Competition cheer teams train between 4-5 hours per week. They will compete at 5-7 competitions a year and are expected to commit to their team.

Elite teams will attend local competitions as well the opportunities to compete at Nationals in November and the opportunity to hopefully travel overseas to compete depending on boarder openings. Competing in different events including AASCF, Cheerbrandz and Aussie Gold just to name a few, is what our teams work and train for throughout the year to be the best and the strongest team possible.


Allstar Competition Dance

At ZACS Allstars we have a fantastic Dance program, which currently include State and National winning teams. We specialise in a mix of styles including Hip-Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical and well as offering Dance DUO’s.

We offer these programs alongside our Cheer program . Our dance teams compete at many of the competitions as our Cheer teams. At competitions, the teams are divided by age and ability. The routines are judged based on execution of proper form, alignment, strength, control and technique, synchronization and uniformity, seamless and clean/clear spacing and transitions, creative and appropriate choreography, difficulty, communication and crowd appeal.


Recreational Cheer & Tumble!

Our recreational classes are an affordable and fun introduction to cheer for beginners with no previous skills needed. It is a great way to learn brand new skills and have a try and see if Cheer leading is right for you!
We cover all aspects of cheer within this class including tumble, jumps, acrobatics, dance and stunting.
Recreational cheer is also convenient with pay as you go classes at $18 per week and $80 membership for the year including a recreational cheer t-shirt.


Cheer Sport

CheerSPORT is a FUN and supportive entry level for beginners into cheerleading. It is aimed at attracting athletes that want to do competitive cheerleading but may not have the drive, natural ability or financial support to continually progress through elite level cheerleading.CheerSPORT teaches them the basics of Cheerleading, including but not limited to stunting, tumbling, acrobatic, dance and stunting. They get to work towards learning and cleaning a routine that they then get to perform on a competition floor with all the lights and atmosphere of a cheer competition.




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